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Mad County's  Fine Sipp'n Spirits
and Primo Alabama MoonShines
Alabama's oldest licensed producer of  Moonshine
07-17-2019 BUMBLE d.png
Rev. Cotton's Spiced Flavored Rum is now Mad County Bumble. The exact same great recipe, new label.
This spiced rum is a combination of domestic and tropical spices. It's a feel'n of both the exotic and the familiar. Mad County Bumble is enjoyed mixed or neat by the occasional rum drinker and the serious rummy alike. The Mad County Bumble experience is like putting on an old pair of jeans right of the dryer.
Look for our founders handsome face on the label.
Britty's Sweet Heat PepperShine is now Punky's Sweet Heat PepperShine. The very same recipe, new label.
This PepperShine is one of our most unique creations. Punky's Sweet Heat is MoonShine with two-thirds sweet peppers and cherries and one-third spicy peppers added. This is genuinely a match made in heaven. This sweet heat is blended in such a way that the peppers and and the shine complement and not compete with each other. This sweet heart will burn for about thirty seconds and then settle down to a nice warm and groovy feel'n in yer chest and then finish with sweet peppers and cherries on yer palate.       She will take yer breath away !
punky 20c .png

Wick’d “ CIN “ Spirits.

This Cin is spicy, peppery, and warm. Our Wick’d Cin is made from all the ingredients of the original atomic fireball candy. Cayenne pepper, cracked black pepper, CINNAMON, and cloves are blended into a silky smooth cane spirit that’s wick’d good.    



WICK'D CIN SPIRITS 04-10-17.png

Mad County Mad Malt Specialty.

The careful blending of Munich, black, pale, and caramel malts makes this spirit a very robust and full-bodied experience. This smooth and slightly sweet Mad County specialty has the full flavor of a dark porter, but is many times more Stout. If yer a fan of dark beers you need to party with this Mad Man.

Wild Wheat center.png

Mad County Wild Wheat Spirit.

This likable mischieviant is definitely a grain-forward spirit of both white and red whole wheat, made sweet with a little barley and given a little bite with a bit of rye. 

Then to keep the fun coming, this guy favors you with a little herbal, a little hoppy and a little yeast character. And to take it home, domestic citrus and imported spices have been added to this recipe with a light and easy hand. The citrus and spices make for a subtle influence that compliments, rather than dominates this wayward boy’s unique yeast and wonderful wheat character.

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, this farm boy, with his agreeable disposition that always “tastes like more”, will become your go-to adult beverage.                                                                TM

Olde Skool Sugar Jack      Moonshine.
This clear CaneShine is slow distilled to create a very smooth, clean and easy to drink shine. This mischievous spirit goes straight to yer nogg'n. You will feel heady, yer ears warm up, and then it settles deep into yer chest. Boy howdy, this is how all MoonShine should feel.


1b lemon likker shine center 80

NO. # 1 Lemon Likker Shine.

There is nothing delicate and definitely nothing meek or modest about this Southern spirit. This is country lemonade for the grownups !



Mad County "Apple Pie" Moonshine.

Open this jar and the wonderful aroma of delicious red apples, butterscotch, cinnamon, and moonshine will make yer eyebrows dance. This jar full of Americana will go down smoother and easier than a fork full of grandma’s apple pie. You will swear that you can taste the buttery crust.

1b Apple_edited.png



Mad County " WaterMelon " Moonshine.

Watermelon is the very personification of the Southern experience. This farmer’s daughter is the perfect balance of Moonshine strength, juicy sweetness, and thirst-quenching goodness that will bring a crooked smile to any face. Enjoy one slice at a time.


Mad County " BlackBerry " Moonshine.

This troublemaker is the Boss of the bramble patch. Our BlackBerry Moonshine has all the up in your face and give it to me baby that you expect from Mad County, but of course she finishes with a smooth hint of sweetness.

1b blackberry MOONSHAINE center .png


1b Peach MoonShine center.png

Mad County "Peach" MoonShine.

Here in the heart of Dixie, we see the peach as the trees way of expressing its adoration for the sun. A ripe peach is a perfect thing unto its self, so we take great pride in the precise and careful process of blending our peach moonshine into the perfect southern libation. Our peach moonshine is the spirit, to round up the quality of your life, one slow indulgent sip at a time. This is Southern style goodness.


The expressive and colorful descriptions of our spirits are not intended to be the explanation of medical fact. Cuz they are not. What they are is an almost lyrical or poetic sketch or portrait of the emotions inspired in ourselves and our friends after enjoying these wonderful spirits. TM
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